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Ok, let me share with your some things since our blog has been laaame-o with no other posts except how someone gets hit by a car every week.

First things first. If you have been apart of the surname saga, you will be happy to know that Justin is FINALLY a Barringer. A few more forms and we will both sign our checks with our new last name.

Those of you who don’t know the story (if you do, skip this paragraph), here’s a cliff notes version on how Justin Bronson and Rachel Griggs became The Barringers. Bronson is Justin’s step dads name and Barringer is his biological dads name. He wanted to get it changed, but we were unable to do that before we left for China (which was less than a year after we got married). Of course, I wasn’t changing my name until his was taken care of. So back in the states summer ’08 the process began and 7 months later the legal shift has been made.

Justin has just finished his first semester at seminary with all A’s and one B. He is currently taking a month long course in Hebrew. It’s stressing him out big time, but I think he’s going to come out with a really good grade.

I have had a 7 month battle in job hunting. I started with a home health job that is hourly, and you have to wait for people to call you for referrals. I am just now at my max referrals. I also was working at Cardinal Hill for a month when I was offered a job with Fayette Co. Schools to do strictly preschool evaluations (part time). So..I quit Cardinal Hill and I will begin this job on Monday. If you are following all that, I will be doing home health part time and then the school system part time. It’s been a long road to full time work.

In our spare time, we like to have parties, play the Wii, write on our blogs (see side bars), cook (well, Justin does), and I’m learning a variety of new hobbies that I will hopefully share with you in the future.

Well, that’s it for now. Feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!


Bad Drivers, Pedestrians, and Slow News

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Everyday we see another story on the news about a person getting hit by a car in Kentucky. We have a few theories about this which include, bad drivers, stupid pedestrians, or perhaps just a lot of really slow news days. So which one is it?

We have noticed that drivers here arent very good. So that theory still seems to hold up. In fact I think the drivers here are among the worst in the country, after DC, Atlanta, Florida, and Dallas. Yes I realize Florida is a state and the rest are cities, but hey the whole state seems to have a lack of good driving skills.

As we were driving home from Church the other day we saw several people try to cross a six lane road in the middle of busy traffic. It was like watching real life frogger. This theory has proved to be solid as well.

As to our final theory of slow news, I feel like there are only three types of local news stories on every day, fires, violent crimes and people getting hit by cars. I dont know exactly what that has to say about Kentucky, but it is a bit ominous and Rachel and I have made it a point to lock our doors, check the stove etc. a few times, and avoid crossing the street whenever possible.

I guess it comes down to all of the theories holding some truth. Whichever is true, if you come visit us make sure to look both ways before you cross the street. I almost tried to work a “why did the chicken cross the road” joke in, but I refrained.

Our Life is Busy!

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This blog will be about our life together here in Kentucky and beyond. Right now we are busy, busy, busy. I (Justin) am reading, writing and reading and writing… Rachel is working two jobs to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. 

We intend to put updates on here from time to time about our lives and all thats going on in the Barringer family.

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